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Commitment towards the future

At União Química, the pursuit of excellence aims to not only towards economic and legal responsibility, but mainly the social and environmental commitment.

In this scenario, the company adopts a proactive position in relation to the exercise of social responsibility and their commitment with social programs aimed at the future of the community, contributing to the dissemination of educational values and improving social and health conditions.

Hence, in addition to individual actions and campaigns, the company continuously supports two specific programs: GRAACC – Support Group for Children and Adolescents with Cancer Another highlight is the creation, in 2012, of the Child Development Center (CDI), Union, Life and Art, conceived for the employee’s children at the Brasília Unit. With architectural design signed by Ruy Ohtake, one of the most renowned Brazilian architects, who is also the author of the project of Brasília, the CDI has highly competent professionals, as well as toys and first quality teaching materials, attending approximately 106 children.

In sync with the company’s sustainability policy, all of União Química’s plants uses manufacturing processes that do not harm the environment, besides having waste treatment units that are designed according to the applicable laws in each state.

União Química’s vision is based on a solid position in the present, but, mainly, with a focus on the future, always working to develop actions that bring benefits to all, without compromising the natural resources of future generations.

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